Chart Your Cycle, second printing, 2006

A Ten Year Cycle Chart To Help You Go With the Flow – the first zine in the Adventures in Menstruating series (see Adventures for details). Chart Your Cycle, 2005

This is the one-shot Chella wrote about menstruation, not realising it would become a longstanding art and activism project. It was created for the 24 Hour Zine Thing on 3 June 2005. Each run has the same graphic on a different type of paper or cardstock cover. 32 fully-illustrated A5 photocopied pages. Interviews: the rhythm method, pcos and the pill, cloth pads, mooncups
Comic poetry
Facts about menstruation
Anatomical centrefold
Myths and folklore
Ten-year cycle chart

Illustrations from the zine I created for the 2005 24 Hour Zine Thing.